SocialCMS <= 1.0.2 XSS (Persistent and Reflected) Vulnerabilities

SocialCMS 1.0.2 (and lower) is prone to a persistent XSS vulnerability due to an improper input sanitization of  “TR_title” parameter, passed to “my_admin/admin1_list_pages.php” via http POST method. Exploiting this vulnerability an authenticated user – which is able to publish an article – could insert arbitrary code in web management interface “Title” field – under “my_admin/admin1_list_pages.php?id=<page_id>&action=edit” – that will be executed when an administrator – or another user – will browse that web page.

Improper input sanitization of “TR_title” parameter causes also a Reflected XSS for the user which inserts html/javascript code.

MITRE CVE Numbering Authority assigned me CVE-2012-1982 for this vulnerability.

To view my Original Advisory:
SocialCMS 1.0.2 XSS (Persistent and Reflected) Advisory

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