PlumeCMS <= 1.2.4 Multiple Persistent XSS

PlumeCMS 1.2.4 (and below) is prone to multiple peristent XSS vulnerability due to an improper input sanitization of multiple parameters.

  • “u_email” and “u_realname” parameters are not correctly sanitized before being passed to server side script “manager/users.php” via http POST method. An attacker – who is able to change his profile settings – could insert malicious code into “Email” and/or “Name” fields- within “Authors” template – in order to create a persistent XSS vulnerability for all user/admin who access to Plume’s management interface.
  • An unauthenticated user could insert html/javascript code in “Author” field within “ADD A COMMENT” section – which is present in every web page – due to an incorrect sanitization of “c_author” parameter. This will produce a Persistent XSS vulnerability for all user/admin who will click on “Comments” tab within Plume’s administration interface.

To view my Original Advisory:
PlumeCMS 1.2.4 Multiple Permanent XSS

MITRE CVE Numbering Authority assigned meĀ CVE-2012-2156 for this vulnerability

Other Advisory’s publications:

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