D-Link DSL-2740B Multiple CSRF Vulnerabilities | CVE-2013-5730

I’ve discovered new multiple CSRF vulnerabilities affecting D-Link DSL-2740B ADSL router allowing an attacker to carry out malicious activities, as:

  • Disable/Enable Wireless MAC Address Filter.
  • Disable/Enable all the Firewall protections (Both “SPI” and “DOS and Portscan Protection”).
  • Enable/Disable Remote Management (in my exploit I enabled remote management via http – tcp port 80 – and ssh – tcp port 22 -).

Many other changes can be performed.

For more details please read my Original Advisory:
D-Link DSL-2740B Multiple CSRF Vulnerabilities

MITRE CVE Numbering Authority assigned me CVE-2013-5730 for these vulnerabilities.

The vendor (D-Link) confirmed this vulnerability and  is pending a new firmware release that fixes this security issue:

My Advisory has been also published in the following web sites:
Japan CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)

Update on Google Translate CSRF Vulnerability | Google is fixing the issue

Hey there,
some days ago – 15th of August (2013) – I received the following email from Google Security Team about my latest Google Translate vulnerability:

This issue has been fixed and verified by a security engineer – feel free to test and see if we’ve missed anything.
Thanks for all your help!
Google Security Team

I cannot hide that, considering what happened in the previous months (read my previous post on this topic),  I have been surprised and happy – I have to admit it 🙂 – to receive an email from Google Security Team in order to inform me that they fixed this vulnerability, independently from the reward that I did not receive.

In the above email they proposed me to test again the vulnerability in order to establish if their fixing activities have been performed correctly.

Yesterday (1st September 2013) I carried out new tests and – unfortunately –  I’ve verified that the vulnerability I discovered is still affecting Google Translate. After the analysis I’ve quickly contacted Google Security team in order to share the results of my tests with the purpose to patch as soon as possible this security issue.

I guess that I will share soon new information about this vulnerability.

Stay tuned!